About Inclusion Works '24

Join us October 8 - 10 at the Vancouver Island
Conference Center - Nanaimo, BC


Indigenous Works (IW) is an Indigenous-led, ISO certified organization celebrating 25 years of experience in Indigenous employment and human resource development. Under its former name, the Aboriginal Human Resource Council, IW has worked extensively with Indigenous and non-Indigenous organizations in the public, private and education sectors. Our depth of experience offers a unique set of perspectives and cultural understandings which provide a bridge between employer and Indigenous realities.


Reach and Impact:
More than 500,000 people reached through presentations, conferences, forums and workshops.

Expert Communication Role:
Conducted more than 500 Keynotes, conference and panel presentations in every province and territory reaching more than 25,000 employers.

More than 1,000 employers have engaged on the Inclusion Continuum, the heart of the workplace system featuring a 7-stage roadmap to becoming an employer of choice for Indigenous candidates.

Inclusion Works 24 Logo (Horizontal)-1-1Our signature national in-person event, Inclusion Works, began in 2009 and continues to bring together our 100+ Employer Partners and other organizations for in-depth learning programs which help you in your Indigenous relations and engagements whether for employment, workplace inclusion or other areas including business development, ESG, DEI. We believe that peer learning is a vital way for you to acquire new insights and practices.Our program is carefully crafted and designed. We present dynamic speakers in presentations and workshops which will bring you fresh insights, cultural learning and innovations in workplace inclusion systems strategy. Together we are creating organizational change and achieving new avenues in Indigenous engagement, employment and relations.



Things to do in Nanaimo

Plan to arrive early or stay a few extra days to enjoy the sites and sounds of Nanaimo! Don't forget, you can benefit from our discounted hotel rates at the Courtyard by Marriott Hotel for 3 days before and/or 3 days after IW24

The city of Nanaimo is a classic West Coast community, offering natural beauty at every turn, and vast recreation potential. Nanaimo has one of the longest shorelines in Canada, and a forested mountain backdrop just outside downtown.

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Networking at its finest

Taking place at the Inclusion Festival, networking offers the chance to meet industry professionals, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders from across Canada. This diverse gathering is an excellent opportunity for exchanging ideas, gaining new perspectives, and fostering meaningful professional relationships. The relaxed and scenic setting of the festival encourages open, in-depth conversations, leading to lasting connections.